Arashi 1.72


Create and destroy galaxies with just your fingertips. Create colorful images!

Create and destroy galaxies with your fingertips. Arashi allows players to take control of particles by touching the screen of the phone.

Enjoy the colorful images Arashi can create and play with your friends! Arashi supports up to five touch points!


Start Arashi, and watch the screen as Arashi plays by itself, then touch the screen and see the particles gracefully follow your fingers.
Tap the screen to switch between several modes of particle attraction and repulsion.
Press the menu button on your phone to set several options such as:
- Particle count
- Particle size
- Tail size ( 0 for dots )
- Connect all particles with lines for some funky effects
- Set the simulation speed, for slow motion or super fast simulation


keywords: particle color galaxy toy

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